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About De Aventura

Mission statement :

We accelerate  success & create  confidence & happiness by providing the finest in Education, Training , Exchange programs & Visits, and Adventure events .

Vision Statement:

At Events, Activities and Trainings, we offer a genuine commitment to provide our participants with exceptional service.  Striving to conduct business with the highest level of integrity and detail, we aspire to exceed the expectations of our members, Students, associates, employees and community.

  • To our Students, Members and participants, we are proud to offer an array of services and experience, ensuring continued satisfaction.
  • To our employees and associates we pledge to provide an environment that encourages both professional and personal growth.
  • To our community, we offer enduring support and dedication to improving  quality of life as a part of social responsibility. 
  • Your success & happiness is our reward. 

 We have the knowledge to provide creative ideas and solutions for Educational visits in India & Abroad, Adventure activities, students exchange programs, training events,  team building events,  special events, meetings & conferences, business events.  We make every event memorable and exciting.

We will make memorable events for you to live those memories forever…with full zest and zeal

Along with this we are also committed to our society and community by understanding and taking up social responsibility in the form of social events.


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De Aventura

Welcomes you  to the world of  Adventure, Thrill & Excitement...

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India :

47/1  Taware Colony , Satara Road, Pune

Franchisees :

Shahupuri , Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Dombiwali, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Naka, Khed Satara, Maharashtra

Ellorapark, Vadodara, Gujarat



Germany :